Human Resources, Administration and IT

Denitsa Savova

Head of Human Resources, Administration and IT department

Denitsa Savova has over 10 years of proven successful experience in the field of consulting on all issues related to human resource management - selection, recruitment, hiring, training, retention, employee development.

She graduated from Sofia University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Labor Markets and Human Resource Management.

She started her professional career as a Career Consultant at the Center for Professional Orientation of Sofia University where she actively worked to improve the interaction between education and business. The next professional step for Denitsa Savova was an internship and work as a Human Resource Planning and Development Associate in telecommunications sector.

Before joining Fund of Funds team Denitsa Savova gained more than eight years of experience in banking sector, starting as a Junior Consultant and gradually, demonstrating high expertise and potential, reaching management level.