Bisser Petkov: Fund of Funds to Support State and Municipal Hospitals with Public Resources of nearly BGN 442M under RDP 2021-2027


On 04.07.2024 in Sofia Tech Park, the Ministry of Innovation and Growth and the Ministry of Health met with state and municipal hospitals about the financing opportunities available from the Bulgarian Development Bank.

At the invitation of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, the Executive Director of the Fund of Funds, Biser Petkov, also took part in the event. He presented the support with European funds available through the Fund of Funds' FIs, including for hospitals with more than 50 per cent state ownership and municipal medical institutions.

Hospitals will have access to nearly 442 million BGN of public resources for loans and grants in one operation through the financial instruments under the Regional Development Programme 2021-2027. The financial intermediaries selected by the Fund of Funds will implement the instruments, explained Executive Director Biser Petkov. The investment period of the financial instruments is expected to start in 2025 and last until the end of 2029.

The funds will be available for projects in all eligible sectors of the Programme, including the renovation of medical equipment in hospitals related to the diagnosis of cardiovascular and oncological diseases; new construction of municipal health infrastructure; support for general practitioners with a focus on remote and hard-to-reach locations; mobile surgeries to support awareness campaigns and prevention, etc.

In the coming months, investments with recycled resources under the 2014-2020 ODAF are expected to start, Bisser Petkov further specified. The estimated amount of public resources for loans during the period is expected to reach nearly BGN 150 million. The funding will be disbursed until the end of 2031 through the existing Urban Development Funds, financing the eligible activities under the programme, including for health infrastructure without limitation of the area of specialisation of health facilities.