Fund of Funds initiates market consultations for two new instruments – Enterprise Innovation Fund and the Technology Transfer Fund'


The market consultations will take place from February 19th to March 8th, during which the parameters of the two financial instruments will be discussed in meetings. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Market opportunities and key factors related to risk financing and development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Structure and key parameters of the financial instruments, including application mechanisms, resource size, territorial distribution, achieved results, revenue distribution methods, etc.
  • Investment strategy and process for attracting potential investments
  • Indicative financing conditions: key expected parameters, including the need for private capital raising, pricing conditions, size, urgency, etc.
  • Fund structures and teams that will manage them.

The "Enterprise Innovation Fund," with a total budget of €32.17 million, is financed through funds from the "Competitiveness and Innovation in Enterprises" Programme (PCIP) 2021-2027. It will provide support for projects aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial activity to create companies based on innovation, developing products and services with high added value, building a sustainable ecosystem with high innovation potential, improving access to knowledge, technologies, and innovations in less developed regions, and accelerating the transition to a knowledge-based economy.

The "Technology Transfer Fund," with a budget of €56.6 million, is financed through funds from the "Scientific Research, Innovation, and Digitization for Smart Transformation" Programme (PRIDIIT). It will be implemented in combination with non-repayable financial assistance (NFA), within a single operation included. It will promote the development of potential in the priority areas of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2021-2027 and contribute to bridging the gap between science and business. The resource will be directed towards spin-off companies, high-tech startups and enterprises based on knowledge as part of industrial startup systems, turning scientific research into marketable products and technologies, commercialization, and intellectual property management. It will also stimulate the deployment and acceleration of startups around developed industries and clusters.

The meetings will continue until March 8, 2024. Those wishing to participate should schedule an appointment in advance using the provided link.

For more information and preparation for the market consultations, all interested parties can familiarize themselves with the documents, including indicative technical specifications for the two instruments at the following links: here for the "Enterprise Innovation Fund" and here for the "Technology Transfer Fund."

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