The Fund of Funds opens initial offers in the tender for financial intermediaries for the Mezzanine/Growth Fund


Today, 21 May 2019, on the premises of the Fund of Funds a public hearing was held and the initial offers received in the tender for the award of a public procurement contract for the Mezzanine/Growth Fund were opened. The Fund is financed under Operational Programme Innovation and Competitiveness 2014—2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Mezzanine/Growth Fund (MGF) will manage BGN 75.3 million in public funds and at least BGN 32.3 million is expected to be raised in additional private financing.

The Fund supports the development of the competitiveness of Bulgarian maturity-stage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It will provide access to alternative financing for companies with growth potential and expansion plans, supporting the improvement of operations, new market penetration and product and service development.

The implementation of the financial instrument will enhance the productivity and export potential of Bulgarian SMEs. Along with pursuing business objectives, the instrument will also target the development of the management capacity and corporate management of the enterprises financed.

MGF support will be provided through equity and quasi-equity investment, primarily as mezzanine financing.

The following tenderers submitted initial offers within the stipulated time period:

  1. Bulgarian Mezzanine Partners DZZD with the following partners: Ivan Marcos Hristanov; Evgeni Angelov Angelov; Eleonora Hristova Sarbova; Diana Pavlova Aladzhova; Lloyd Frederick Schultz; River Styx Capital EAD
  2. Mayfair Partners and the following participants: Andrew Sergio Gazitua; Gavin John Alexander; Gustavo Perrotta; Ilian Dimitrov Iliev; Yordan Dimitrov Petrov
  3. CCL Bulgaria and the following participants: Norman Anthony Stalker; Florian Huth; Barush Sivri, Orinbashar Muratovich Kuatov, Dimitar Nikolov Kostadinov; Ivaylo Georgiev Spasov, Dimitar Venelinov Uzunov; Georgi Krastev Vangelov.

At the public hearing the committee announced the negotiation dates and the topics to be discussed.