Regions in Growth 2014-2020

Operational Programme Regions in Growth 2014-2020 (OPRG) includes financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national co-financing of a total of BGN 3 018 201 866, allocated to eight priority axes.

The Programme focuses on regional development and the achievement of the goals set in the urban policy of Bulgaria. OPRG 2014-2020 makes financing available for activities contributing to the achievement of sustainable urban development, creating favourable conditions to improve the quality of life and create new jobs in urban settlements. It provides for investments in: energy efficiency in building, urban transport; urban environment; social, educational and health infrastructure; development of tourism related to cultural heritage sites of national and world significance; regional road infrastructure. Support from the Programme is available in the form of grant financing and financial instruments (loans and guarantees), and a combination of those for certain projects.

In this connection, a Financing Agreement between Bulgaria’s Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, as the Managing Authority for the Programme, and Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria EAD (FMFIB) was signed on 11 November 2016. Under the agreement, FMFIB EAD is contracted to manage BGN 369 746 721 from OPRG 2014-2020, earmarked for providing support through financial instruments.

The resources budgeted for financial instruments in OPRG 2014-2020 will be made available for making new loans for urban development projects and for tourism development projects related to cultural heritage sites of national and world significance.

Support by means of financial instruments will be implemented under Priority Axis 1, Sustainable and integrated urban development, and Priority Axis 6, Regional tourism, by means of three Urban Development Funds (UDF-Sofia, UDF-Northern Bulgaria and UDF-Southern Bulgaria), with the purpose of improving access to financing for eligible projects, while at the same time raising additional private resources to complement the resources provided by the Programme.