Loans and Guarantees in the Fisheries Sector

Financial resources 

  • public resources in the amount of BGN 5.4 million

Goals of the instrument

  • improve the competitiveness of enterprises from the Fisheries sector;
  • boost innovation and sustainable production in the sector.

Final recipients

  • Enterprises in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

Type of financing

  • two products:
  1. loan guarantees for commercial banks covering up to 80 % of the size of each loan made, with a cover ceiling of BGN 1 million;
  2. loans of up to BGN 50 000.
  • investment or working capital loans denominated in EUR or BGN under relaxed requirements;
  • stand-alone loans to top up project grants already awarded.

Source of the public resources

Maritime and Fisheries Programme 2014 — 2020 co-financed from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Current stage of the instrument: in the process of being structured.