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Martin Danovski Takes Up the Managing Board Chairmanship at FMFIB EAD


The decision was taken unanimously by the company’s Managing Board on 10 November 2016. Until now, Mr. Martin Danovski acted as a member of the Managing Board. Mr. Valeri Belchev will continue to act both as the Executive Director and a member of the company’s Managing Board. The change was driven by the need to redistribute the remits of powers and competences within the Board, in view of the fact that the Fund is entering into a new stage in its development and is preparing to launch the first financing instruments under agreements signed with the Managing Authorities of the operational programmes. So far, FMFIB EAD has signed agreements with the OPHRD and OPIC. The agreement with the OPRG is to be signed on 11 November 2016, and an agreement with the OPE is expected to be signed soon.