Guarantees under OPIC

Current stage of the instrument: As part of the preparation for launching the procedure for the section of partners for the implementation of the Capped Loss Portfolio Guarantees financial instrument, in the period from 25 March until 19 May 2019 the FoF will hold market consultations with potential financial brokers and other stakeholders to raise awareness of the indicative features of the instrument with a view to achieving an optimal structure, taking into account the current market needs, the goals set out in the operational programme financing the instrument, and the policies of the Fund of Funds.

The consultations will take place until 20 May 2019 (inclusive) and interested parties can notify us of their willingness to take part in the process until 18 h on 19 May 2019 (including) by calling us on (+359 2) 801 4050 or by sending an e-mail to: CPG_OPIC@FMFIB.BG

The full documentation for the instrument is currently being finalised and the procedure for selecting financial intermediaries is to be launched.